Talks and Courses



We work hard to be part of our local community and we are especially keen to share our experiences with others. Andy has been presenting talks about our farm and the lamb business for several years and the list of his current talks is given below.

Building a Small Food Business

An illustrated talk describing the story of how we grew our business from a 'profitable' hobby to a viable farming and retail operation.

This talk describes the story so far from just 10 lambs in 2004 to a small but viable busines with 180 ewes selling 350 lambs today. It chronicles to move from simple farming to food production and retailing and describes the change in approach and the different skills we needed to acquire.

A light hearted and interesting tale, deliverered with wit and humour about farming, food and people.

Marketing Lamb

This talk describes in more detail the preparation, packaging and selling of our lamb. The talk will include a butchery demonstration showing some new ideas for presenting lamb and will conclude with a discussion on the different lamb cuts and how they are cooked.

The idea for this talk came from audiences who heard the talk about the business and showed a great deal of interest in the type of cuts of meat now available.

Delievered in the same engaging style that has become popular with audiences for the business talk.

An Introduction to Food Hygiene

This talk is for those preparing food to be consumed by others. It was originally prepared for a village hall committee who felt that members who were preparing food for hall events should be aware of the basics of food hygiene.

This talk is aimed at those who would like to understand the basics principles and practice of food hygiene without studying for formal qualifications.

Presented in his usual light hearted style, backed by formal qualifications and with examples from his own business, this talk is entertaining and informative.


New this year - our lamb butchery course gives you the opportunity to learn how to cut up lamb carcases. This is a one day course and the price of £250 includes tuition and a lamb (worth £150) to cut up and take home. I will show you the basic cuts and then help you butcher your own animal as you require. Places are limited to 2 people per course so you have plenty of supervision and lots of time 'at the block'. The price includes lunch.

For further details about talks and courses give us a call on 01568 750543 or email us at