Price List

Please note! Lambs vary in weight and size but if you prefer to know exactly how much your order will cost, you can now tell me how much you want to spend and on what and I'll make up an order to that price.

Chops £/kg
Value Chops £9.00
Loin £14.84
Cutlets £14.00
Rack (English) £14.00
Rack (French) £15.50
Joints £/kg
Shoulder £7.00
Boneless Shoulder £9.19
Leg £10.60
Boneless Leg £14.09
Special Cuts £/kg
Boned Leg Steak £16.69
Saddle £15.00
Shank £10.60
Neck Fillet £13.68
Loin Fillet £18.50
Other Products £/kg
Liver £5.00
Neck of Lamb £6.20
Breast £4.50
Mince £9.00
Diced Shoulder £10.78
Diced Leg £14.45
Lamb Boxes £/kg
Quarter Lamb
(fixed price)
Half Lamb
(approx. 8.5kg)
Whole Lamb
(approx. 17kg)