"It's Mutton Time Again"

We have mutton available again until at least February. Mutton is defined as meat from animals over 2 years old and in our case most of them are at least 4 or 5. We use good quality cull ewes for our mutton as keeping lambs for the extra 2 years or so to produce the depth of flavour is just not economic. We sell it in the same cuts as for lamb but the most popular are:

  • Half legs and half shoulders (you can have whole ones but you'll need friends to come and help you eat it)!
  • Diced Mutton for curries and hotpots
  • Mutton chops - these are big cutlets and are used for authentic hotpots.
  • Mutton Burgers - something new and proving very popular indeed.
  • The prices per kilo are the same as for lamb which is very good value when you consider the extra costs involved.

    Order these via the web site or on the 'phone or at the Farmers' Markets we attend - click here for more details.

    You can then either collect from the farm or from the markets at your convenience.